A story from my early days:

It was the first time I realized just how powerful photography can be in people’s lives.

Here's the story of: "The time I made the whole volleyball team cry."

The summer before I was a senior in high school, our family got one of those point and shoot cameras - the kind where you composed your shot by the screen on the back. I commandeered it almost immediately and it ended up in my volleyball bag.

I was the captain of the team, seeing my final season about to pass by, so I took hundreds of photos. From the bench, on the bus, at pasta parties, the team sleepover, you name it. I became the behind-the-scenes team photographer and (luckily) my teammates loved it (or humored me).

Our silly teenage antics, the bonds between upper and lower classmen as teammates, the dedicated parents who came to every game, our friends and classmates in the stands were all digitally documented by that camera. At the end of the season, I nerded-out, spending days crafting a slideshow (with music!) and burning the show to 13 discs: one for each of my teammates and my coach.

I played the disc at our team banquet, not knowing how the 20-minute(!) show would go over with the crowd, including all of our parents after a long day at work. By the time the show hit Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” I could hear the sniffles behind me. By the end, we were all in tears, hugging, happy for the memories and sad realizing that our time as teammates was officially over.

It was the first time I realized just how powerful photography can be in people’s lives. When I watch it years later, I still feel the love for the game, the camaraderie with my teammates, the pride of being a part of the team. And that is what I think is magical: how a photo can take you back to exactly how you felt when it was taken.

A few of my favorite things!

  1. Dunks iced coffee - no matter the temperature outside.
  2. Binge-watching Veronica Mars - I'm a marshmallow.
  3. Spending an hour in the bath tub - with a glass of wine.
  4. Taylor Swift on repeat - enough said.
  5. Sitting outside by the fire pit - with my country
    Pandora station.
  6. Cranberry bogs - I'm a New Englander, through & through.
  7. Young Adult novels - I think that's when
    I stopped maturing.
  8. Zumba - But: I never claimed to have rhythm.
  9. Engagement sessions - I just love this time getting to know a couple, witnessing their relationship and capturing it!
  10. Papazon chairs - they're like cuddle cups!

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