Natalie & Mike - Borderland State Park Engagement Session

Today I get to tell you about an incredible couple and what is one of my favorite sessions to-date! Natalie & Mike showed up for their session ready to have fun and they made each other laugh the entire time. Self-proclaimed "goof-balls," I was connected with these two by Brides Across America, and I'm so excited to be their wedding photographer in just two months!

It was nice and warm on Sunday evening during our session, with solid humidity levels, and I'll admit it's not my favorite type of weather. When I complimented Natalie and Mike on zero weather complaints toward the end of our session, Mike said "I'll take this over the desert any day."

Mike came home from Afghanistan just about a month ago, where he was serving as a DoD contractor after coming out of Active Duty. Both he and Natalie serve in the Army National Guard - so it's no wonder they didn't even break a sweat. They're so happy to be together after so much time and distance.

I saw these doors over a year (maybe even two?!) ago just walking around the park, and wanted to put a couple in front of them so badly. Natalie & Mike picked Borderland for their session and I got my wish!

I mean, how cute are they?!

And, for a ring shot!

Thank you Natalie and Mike for a great session! I can't wait to shoot your big day!

Emily, 27 - Mindful Fighter

Emily is the fifth in the series, and what an incredible and dynamic addition she makes! Here's the back of her baseball card:

Health & Fitness Blogger
Soon-to-be Mt. Kilimanjaro Climber

It's hard to pick a title that fully encompasses Emily, but Mindful Fighter feels perfect. She's kickass while also bringing the most calming nature along with her wherever she goes. She's happy in the most mindful and realistic way, and courageous - seemingly unafraid to jump in to take on challenges. I mean, Mt. Kilimanjaro?! There's nothing this girl can't do.

Emily is an instructor - Zumba, Yoga & Boxing - and she leads her classes in hopes that each person is leaving having gotten what they came to get.

"First and foremost, I want people to have fun in class. Then, I want them to feel strong when they leave class. I want them to feel powerful when they leave class. And, I want people to feel happier — or lighter — when they leave class. To accomplish that, I try to help my dancers, yogis, and boxers identify why they come to class. I prompt them to ask themselves why they fight, why they flow, why they come to class, what they hope to get out of class — and then we work to accomplish that together."

Interestingly enough, Emily didn't always consider herself an athlete...

"When I was younger, I never considered myself an athlete. I played soccer (a little) and danced (a lot), but I didn’t associate that with “athleticism.” When I entered adulthood, I started to become really grateful for exercise, dance, and the athletic activities by body was capable of.
Sweat, sore muscles, and the mood-boost that comes with being active makes me feel like a bad*ss, powerful, strong woman. The strength and power combined with my calm, compassionate nature, translates into other areas of my life, allowing me to show up for my friends, family, co-workers, and clients."

She discovered her passion for fitness in college, and now as a woman in her 20's she finds herself in a unique position to help and inspire those around her.

"When I started to become really active in college and began teaching fitness classes at the University of Massachusetts Campus Recreation Center, I realized that a lot of my peers were drawn to — and even craved — some level of physical activity to balance the academic and social stresses of college. When I entered the Boston fitness scene, I noticed this was true for this community as well. People move to feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. I teach fitness and movement so that others can get what they need. Being an athlete at my age allows me to motivate those older than me (like my parents), and those younger than me (like my siblings and their friends). I love that."

At first it seems like yoga, dancing and boxing might not be complimentary disciplines or movements, but then you consider that each one requires a grace and poise - and that each can bring that grace and clarity in a different form:

"I’m often asked what style of fitness I like best — yoga, dance, boxing, running, etc. It’s a hard question to answer because I can get what I need out of each of those. During each activity, I’m able to enter this meditative state where the rest of the world melts away and I’m completely focused on the task at hand. This is so therapeutic for me. I need it to be my best self. During yoga, we link the breath to the movement and get lost in the flow. In boxing, the music is loud and we are focused on punch combos, exhaling with each punch, and getting in the zone to win the fight. In dance, we groove to the music and get lost in the movement. Each of these activities brings me joy, mental clarity, and strength in their own way."
"Fitness makes me feel more confident in many different aspects of my life.  It makes me feel confident in my body. It makes my skin glow. And, under the surface, I reach an amazing level of mental clarity that makes me feel confident in other areas of my life — work, relationships, decision-making."

This shoot was a photographer's dream. At one point a passerby asked if we were shooting for a fashion magazine - that's how well Emily owned it.

Oh, and we had ice cream for dinner afterwards.

Keep killing it, Em. I know you'll surmount any and all challenges that come your way, next up Mt. Kili. 

Emily is featured on my website and Facebook page under "We're Not Here Just to Have Fun" and you can see more of her comments there!

Interested in being a part of the series? Contact me today.

Class of 2018

It's time for the Class of 2018 to start scheduling their Senior Portraits! I had such a great time with my 2017 Seniors, that I can't wait to see what 2018 brings. I did beach shoots, found myself in the woods of a nature preserve I'd never been to, and in the middle of a field in Duxbury - all with incredible, happy, fun subjects in front of my lens. What could be better?

So let's see you Class of 2018! Book your session now for May-August and don't let that yearbook deadline sneak up on you.

$200 includes:

  • A totally psyched photographer ready to capture who YOU are!
  • 1 location (rural or urban), 1 outfit change, 1 hour session

  • All proofs (lightly edited, with watermarks) of the session delivered via digital album within 14 days

  • Up to 10 final, retouched images (without watermark) delivered via digital album within 14 days of making your choices. (Additional editing requests welcome at $5 per photo.)

  • Print release provided so the images may be shared or reproduced at the will of the senior and their family.

  • A feature on my blog at




What else?

  • Bring props! Sports equipment, musical instruments, hobbies, etc. We’ll work them into the session to really bring out your personality and interests.

  • Want to combine your session with a friend, cousin or family member? Tight-knit group of friends or teammates? We’ll book your sessions back-to-back so we can take shots of you together, while still getting that yearbook shot.

  • Interested in having your hair & makeup done for the shoot? I partner with a makeup artist & hairdresser to offer the total package… all you have to do is show up! Email me for pricing.

The "First Look"

One of the MANY decisions engaged couples have to make about their wedding day:

Should we do a "First Look?"

What is a first look exactly? What are the benefits of doing a first look? What are the downsides? How do we decide??? Don't worry, I'm here to help!

What is a first look?

It's more of a recent thing that modern couples do with their photographer, where they set up a private moment before the trip down the aisle with just the bride, groom and their photographer to capture the moment they see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Usually the photographer will face the groom away from where the bride will be approaching to start and take photos of the groom anxiously waiting. The bride will approach, tap him on the shoulder and the photographer will capture his reaction as he turns around and sees the bride for the first time and their interactions as an almost married couple. Hugs, kisses, high-fives, tears, jokes and usually lots of compliments about how amazing they both look!

What are the benefits of doing a first look?

1.  Nerves. On such a big, eventful day with a lot of people around, sometimes the nerves can get the best of you, and seeing your favorite person in the world is the only way to calm those nerves. Doing a first look can bolster you because you get a quiet minute (mostly) alone before the vows and celebrations.

2. Timeline. Photographers like first looks because it gives them an extra chance to take photos of just the two of you. Often after the ceremony, with celebrations waiting and antsy family members on-deck, the time for portraits is rushed or cut short. With the opportunity for a first look, we've already got at least a dozen keepers of just the two of you where we weren't trying to wrangle family members at the same time. We'll even have a little more time to expand on poses after the ceremony!

3. Memories. While it's a departure from the tradition, a first look can add another special memory to your day. Moments go by so quickly, and this can be an instance when time stops for a minute.

4. Daylight. Depending on the time of the year and the time of your ceremony, we may be competing with the sun to get your portraits in! Doing a first look ensures that even as the sun is going down, we've got all the shots we want and takes the pressure off. You want to be able to relax and enjoy yourselves as a married couple. The least amount of stress in that process, the better.

5. You're freshly dolled up. The first look happens literally right after you're finished with hair, makeup, and in the dress. Your man is freshly ironed, groomed, shaved, and cologned. Why not see each other and take pictures while every hair is actually still in place? No one's had a chance to even start sweating!

6. Convincing your Groom. Surprisingly, it's usually not the Bride who opposes the idea of a First Look... it's the Groom! He envisioned the "watching his bride coming down the aisle" moment and is attached to the tradition of it, which I totally get. But a couple points that may sway him? The more pictures you have done earlier in the day, the faster your post-ceremony portraits are... the sooner you're on to eating (!), drinking (!!), cutting loose and having so much fun you forget your photographer is even there! And, you still get that walking down the aisle moment, just with fewer nerves and a better chance of soaking it all in.

Still not convinced? First looks don't always have to be the Bride & Groom. A first look with the Bride and her Dad is a great idea (and usually make me cry), or anyone who she's close to that isn't in the room helping her get ready. I really like the idea of a first look with the Bride and her twin brother, so if anyone out there is ready to make that happen, let me know! 

Another way to "be with" each other before the ceremony is to write each other a letter. They can find a quiet moment to read it before the ceremony, reading words you wrote for them to make them smile and feel your love without you even having to be there. These letters make great mementos and have that vintage, old school feel.

Perry was SO nervous. Until the moment Zoe made him laugh.

Perry was SO nervous. Until the moment Zoe made him laugh.

Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful and unique to you two as a couple. Remember there's no wrong way, so go with your gut and do what feels right!



Mark & Cecilia - Medford, MA Wedding

One thing that I've learned shooting weddings is that during the most important moments of the day, it's never about the details. All the planning seems to fade away while you get to witness the looks, hear the words, and feel the love fill the room. I love that so much. It fills me up and makes a believer out of me every time.

Which brings me to Mark & Cecilia. A small, but warm community room. 10 of their closest family members. 2 dogs. FaceTime with Cecilia's Dad. A pool table, draped in a tablecloth and covered in appetizers and champagne. An iPhone and speaker, scrolling through to find a good song for their first dance as husband and wife. Full of magic and happiness and love, created by Mark & Cecilia and the way they look at each other, their little touches, and their smiles. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from this most intimate ceremony and celebration. Congratulations Mark & Cecilia!

Meghan & Matt - Middleboro, MA Wedding

I am SO excited to be sharing Meghan & Matt's wedding day! It truly was an incredible day that even had me shedding tears. This intimate backyard ceremony & reception was absolutely full of love and the personal and unique touches from the centerpieces, to the reading of "The Giving Tree" during the ceremony, and the tree-planting ceremony with soil from their childhood homes were only part of what make Meghan and Matt so special. I swear I've never seen a man look at a woman like Matt looks at Meghan.

Everything about this day was the definition of heartfelt. Close friends, yard games, pups in tuxedos giving kisses. Meghan & Matt and everyone I met that day lead with love and had such genuine hearts. It was incredibly special thing to be a part of, and I'm so honored that I got to be the person to document it!

When I complimented Matt on his duds, he gave Meghan every bit of credit, as did everyone else that day. Meghan: you did such a beautiful job on your Autumn-to-the-nines wedding day. The details had so much personality and uniqueness. You just don't find that everywhere.

Enough of my blathering Let's see the photos.


Molly - Berrybrook Fields, Duxbury, MA

My favorite season of the year is here, friends, and I got to usher out summer in the best way: Senior Portraits with this sweetheart of a young woman. Molly is a natural in front of the camera, and so much fun to work with. She's got that casual hands-in-the-pockets pose DOWN, which is not as easy as it looks.

Molly is active in the drama program at Pembroke High and when she told me that I was so impressed. It's one of the scariest things, getting up and performing in front of your classmates, but she loves it! I also thought to myself: goodie - this girl can giggle on command with the best of them.

I can't get enough! I'm sad senior portrait season is winding down, because I've gotten to work with such fun young and inspiring men and women. When I get to hear them talk about what they love to do, it reminds me how simple passion can be. Keep following it, kids. I'm right there next to you.

Thank you, Molly, for letting me take these special photographs of you! I hope you have an amazing senior year.

Katie & Justin - New Bedford, MA Wedding

I have the amazing organization Brides Across America to thank for helping me find Katie & Justin and for the privilege of shooting their (second) wedding day.

What do I mean by second? Let me tell you a romantic story.

8 years ago, two 20-year-olds were in love. Separated by distance, Justin longed to propose to Katie. He, in fact, couldn't wait to see her in person. Instead, from his US Air Force base, he got down on one knee and sent her a photo. Ring poised high, he asked her to be his wife... via email. The modern Juliet to his Romeo (but with a happy ending), she said yes and they married young, happy, and simply in a courthouse ceremony in Texas.


Both members of the Air Force, they served their country for 8 years. Once again separated by distance, Justin stationed in Korea, Katie leaned on the support of her best friend since Kindergarten, Ashley, for love and support.

Katie and Justin wanted to celebrate their marriage with friends and family, so what was eight years? Justin was coming home for just over a week before they both moved on to a new life, and new station, in Hawaii, so the timing was perfect. 


Evident soulmates, they're reunion was heartfelt and their emotions pure.

This time around, their special day was shared with their hometown, New Bedford, MA, Katie's Maid of Honor Ashley and Justin's Best Man Nate.

The ceremony featured twin flames, an intimate crowd, and enough love to fill a stadium at Seamen's Bethel Chapel in downtown New Bedford.

Mr. & Mrs. Miranda (again), they set to celebrating with the assembly of friends and family.

And while their courthouse ceremony was the height of romantic spontaneity, August 25, 2016 still offered Katie and Justin a few firsts.

With their move to Hawaii just days away, Katie & Justin soaked in all they could of the day with all their closest friends and family.


Their friends and family partied almost as hard as they did. Celebrating Justin's homecoming, their renewed marriage, and big move is a lot to undertake in one night, but they made it look easy.

Best wishes to Katie & Justin in their new adventure together! Thank you for having a second wedding day for us all to share in. It's a beautiful life.


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