Introducing: Wise Word Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Words have always been a big part of my life and what inspires me. Before I was a photographer, I was an English major, so when I'm looking for something to help start my day off on the right foot, I look for a good quote! So every Wednesday, I'll be posting one that I've found to bolster us through the rest of the week. Check back to see what next week's quote will be!

This week's quote was a reminder that no matter our material, career, relationship or financial goals, all of our wants should boil down to more of two things: Love & Happiness. That's what we all truly want more of right?! Whether you're unsure of your next steps, or you've nailed down that 5 year plan, it's important to remember the end-goal as this simple. And we get what we give, right?