Brought to you by The Bard

Happy Wednesday, friends!

This week's Wise Word Wednesday is from the legendary Bard himself. Did I mention I was an English major?

I chose this quote because some of the hardest things each of us come across in our daily lives root in our interactions with other people. Family, friends, coworkers, other drivers on the road, acquaintances, ex-boyfriends, teammates, and even people who post Facebook statuses for us to see can pop up in your life and have either something positive or something negative to bring to their interaction with you. This quote, to me, boils down how we should approach humankind and our interactions with each individual. 

Try to love all - be a positive force when you meet people; I am the first to say this is HARD sometimes, but keeping this in the back of my mind makes all the difference.
Trust a few - be judicious with whom you share what you really think & feel.
Do wrong to none - that whole karma thing is real; we all have lessons for the universe to teach us, so there's little reason for you to get involved in someone else's.



P.S. This is week 2 of my Wise Word Wednesday series! Click here for the first week's quote.