Jump Start My Kaleidoscope Heart

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Lately it's been all about the grind - but of the very best variety! Every time I think I'm tired, I put my camera strap around my neck and feel a rush of energy and excitement for my next session. I absolutely LOVE my projects and I gotta say - that feels GREAT.

This week's quote is about comparison, not to another person, but to your own thoughts and goals about the future. I am so guilty of this one, but I think it's only natural! You want things for your future and you're working hard to get there, and sometimes it feels like it's not happening fast enough, like you are hustling and all you're getting in return is a slow trickle of ego-shattering self-doubt. I have to remind myself all the time to stay right here, right now and to be true to what I want from life, but to seek balance while my dreams are manifesting. It's all happening exactly as it is meant to. Let go of the comparisons, let go of what you thought you'd be doing or the success you thought you'd have attained by this age, by this stage of life.

This song by Sara Bareilles is a favorite of mine, and it comes up in my shuffle seemingly when I need to hear it the most. It's always a reminder to come back to the moment, to make the most of right now, that while having goals and desires is good, sometimes getting caught up in where you want to be is a disservice to who you are and what you're doing right now.

Take a minute to remind yourself what is great about your life right now, and have a lovely rest of the week!



P.S. This is week 4 of my Wise Word Wednesday series! Be sure to check out quotes from Weeks 1-3 earlier in the month.