The Sum of my Scientific Knowledge

Happy Wednesday before the long weekend!

Who else is beyond ready? I absolutely love what I've been doing lately - with a tennis session and softball shoot to debut from just the last week - but I'll be taking some time to check out, and I hope all of you do too! I'm also really excited to celebrate my first July 4 in America's Hometown. That's right, I moved to Plymouth. 

But enough about me. This week's quote is about the infinite wisdom of Bill Nye the Science Guy. My sister and I used to love watching this show. My sister for the actual learning aspect, and me for the theatrics and possible vocabulary words. I came across this quote from Bill Nye, a guy who has forgotten more than I'll ever know about science, and found it to be really true. Whether you love, hate, learn to love or grow to hate someone, they've offered something of themselves just by interacting with you.

I love the idea that every person I meet has at least one thing to teach me, or that something about their experience is something I'll never know. It liberates us all from even having to pretend we have it all figured out, that we're perfect, that we could possibly know it all, no matter how hard we try. All we can do is own our own wisdom and humbly accept the pieces we pick up from other people. I have found that even people I've started to get to know, or have known for a while - there is still something they know that I don't, and visa versa.

And if you want a blast from your 90's past, I suggest you watch this, and go ahead and sing along....


Have a happy 4th!