The Heart

It's Wednesday again, friends!

Have you ever had that moment where you got what you wanted, your goal came to fruition, you made it happen, and you can remember the exact moment you decided you wanted it? We call it manifesting: the act of putting a thought out into the universe and it answering your wishes, positive energy, and effort with the highest and best outcome. Sometimes it feels like the universe is waiting for me to decide what I want and how badly I want it for it to go to work, for events to unravel, for my path to be set out in front of me.

When I hear this song by NEEDTOBREATHE, that's what I think of. Deciding what you want, finding your passion, knowing to your bones what you're meant to do, who you're meant to love, what you want more than anything in this life and you have all the power you need to make it happen. The universe rallies behind a soul who's living their life's mission and it helps carry them along their way.

What have you been waiting to make a choice on? Have you been half-hearted, procrastinating or doing something that just doesn't fit as hard as you try to make it? That's the thing the universe wants you to decide on so it can go to work on bringing you your highest and best. Don't worry, I have at least one thing waiting for me to tackle, too. Listen to this song and get after it this week.



P.S. This is week 3 of my Wise Word Wednesday series! Find last week here, and the first week here.