Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I originally had another quote picked out for today, but this one is just too fitting right now. I've spent a long time now focusing on letting go, going with the flow, and just straight up not wanting to put any goals, expectations, wishes or dreams out into the Universe for a while and just seeing where I ended up. Don't make any decisions, revel in the status quo. That's not who I've been in the past, so it feels really good to let go and not push myself to do more, be more, earn more. I recommend it for everyone at some point. Give up the fight and just let yourself BE for a little while.

But eventually, we have to make a decision, we start to move forward and change despite ourselves. So it's time to decide what you want, what your dreams are, what you want the Universe to work on for you. We can all use a little help, right? Write it down and hide it away for you to find later, and then have faith that as you amble on your way, you're manifesting the highest and best.

Join me this week in writing down your goals & wishes as they are right now for each area of your life, or maybe just the one troubling you the most right now. Be a coconspirator with the Universe.