Always Hiding

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

I am feeling this quote hard this week, and you really can't go wrong with some Aesop, can you?

It kind of seems obvious, like duh, if something can't be hidden why would you even try to hide it? If only if were that simple, amiright?! What you really think, how you really feel, our flaws, our neuroses, insecurities, the life events that define us, the true nature of of character - we all try to hide these things for various reasons, at some point or another. But how effective is it really to try and do that?

For me, lately, it's not effective in the slightest. What happens when you're always hiding? No one gets to know you, for who you really are. No one receives the value of your honest opinion, or gets the respect of a straightforward response. You're not serving others, and you're not serving yourself to turn inward and hide... and the chances that doing that will cause it all to come flooding out at once at an inopportune time? Pretty high. 

I think we all need to come out of our hiding spots sometimes (even us introverts), and take the chance that speaking our truth IS what's best, no matter what the consequences end up being, as long as we're doing it with love. Let some of those flaws and scars show, and allow other people the chance to love you, accept you, let you laugh at yourself, give the outside world a chance to look better than your hiding spot.

What's one thing you've been trying to hide that could use some airing out? Find a way to express it this week. What's the worst that could happen?