It's almost Thursday, friends!

Between skipping last week's WWW all together and posting this one in the final hours of this week's Wednesday, I'm slacking pretty severely. I could make excuses, but really it's just life - am I right? Anyhow, here's my dose of wisdom for this week.

"Wherever you are, be all there" - Jim Elliot

Lately I've been trying to think about and write down new goals, wishes and aspirations, which requires a fair bit of reflecting and analyzing. When I think about where (and who) I was a year ago and how I never expected to be where (and who) I am now, it's really kind of crazy. I thought it would be easier to think about what I want for the future now that I've settled into a new reality, but instead I'm just straight up struggling. Maybe it means I'm not ready, or I have late-onset Attention Deficit Disorder, or that instead of trying to figure out where (and who) I want to be, I should keep my focus on where I am at this very moment. Sometimes the best place to be isn't in the past or in the future: but exactly where your feet are right now. Give yourself a break on those future plans. It'll be here soon enough.

So I'm choosing to dig into my life and having a little faith that the rest will come when the time is right. That's how manifesting works, right?

Best of luck out there. XO