For My Best Friend

Wednesday Quote - Week 10 - Winnie The Pooh.jpg

It's a special Wednesday, friends!

It's the Wednesday before my best friend's wedding day! On Saturday she'll officially be a Mrs. so I'm dedicating this Wise Word Wednesday to her with a little gem from Winne the Pooh. 

Cait - you are the one person I can tell anything to, who always gets where I'm coming from, and understands exactly why I feel the way I do. It's scary sometimes how like-minded we are, but then with your accepting nature and love for the people around you, you remind me to be more kind, to cut people more slack, to be just a little bit more patient. I remind you not to let anyone take too much advantage, that not everyone deserves your love & kindness, that it's okay to not like someone, or that they don't like you. We balance each other out and lift each other up, like Christopher Robin reminding Pooh how brave, strong and smart he really is. I am so honored to be your friend, to be a part of your life and the first of these really big life events that we'll never forget. 

Steve is beyond lucky to have snagged himself such a great teammate, ally and goofball to spend his life with. I can't wait until Saturday!